DAYS BEFORE RAGE, Since the start of time all walks of life has had to prepare for Days Before Rage, hatred, jealousy, war, famine and all of destruction. In this day and age we witness a great amount of rage and anger, this is where the inspiration came from to allow me to express and to tell my story through the brand.

Growing up in Vallejo Ca, which resides in the Bay Area, I have faced events that were life changing, as I was experiencing these events I came to the realization that everything I was experiencing was temporary. This allowed me to realize that everyone throughout their life has faced life changing events no matter the severity of the event it has shaped our views on life, I believe we should always remember the Days Before the Rage began so we're not victims of the overconsumption of hatred, anger, sadness, and rage. This has allowed me to tell my story and showcase product that I create that I consider art 

-Da'Quan Batiste (founder)

founded in 2020